Laying Down Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is one of the best and most inexpensive forms of insulation for a home. It is not uncommon for people to lay down extra insulation in their home to help cut down on heating bills during the winter months. Learn the proper way in which it is to be laid down so that you do not make any mistakes.


  • Before you work the fiberglass it is important that you and anyone helping you be made aware of how to protect yourself during this process. You must be wearing something that will protect your eyes and skin. Wear long pants, long sleeved shirt, gloves, eye goggles, face mask and boots. Breathing in small bits of fiberglass or getting it in your eyes can damage them.
  • When installing the fiberglass you have to place them between the studs in the wall. They come in sheets or rolls. Purchase the sheets if you are placing them in the walls and rolls for the ceiling. If the sheet did not come with a paper or foil barrier to protect against moisture then you need to use a polyethylene sheeting.
  • The insulation must be cut slightly longer and wider than what you will need between the studs. You must NEVER stuff it between the studs. When it is compressed it will not be effective.
  • Peel the fiberglass sheeting apart when you are laying it down around the pipes. One half of the thickness should be firmly secured in the back of the pipes. The other half should be firmly secured in the front of the pipes.
  • After the sheeting has been laid down you will be able to lay down the polyethylene sheeting.
  • Use packing tape to secure the sheeting. After you are finished all your clothes and tools must be thoroughly washed so none of the fiberglass fibers are allowed inside of the home.